ʔaq̓am – Chief Administrative Officer

ʔaq̓am, formerly known as the St. Mary’s Indian Band, is one of four communities that make up the Ktunaxa Nation Council in British Columbia, each with a Chief and Council of 5 members. Together, the Nation occupies lands adjacent to the Kootenay and Columbia Rivers and the Arrow Lakes of British Columbia and have done so for more than 10,000 years. However, the ʔaq̓am Band has its own histories, geographies, and identities and operates as both a partner of the Ktunaxa Nation and as its own community.

Reporting directly to the Council through the Chief Councillor, the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) is a vital contributing member of ʔaq̓am’s executive leadership team. As the senior operations leader for the ʔaq̓am, the CAO provides the leadership, strategy and vision necessary to ensure ʔaq̓am has the required operational controls, administrative/reporting procedures, and the right people and systems to bring the Community Strategic Community Plan – ka kniⱡwi·tiyaⱡa—Our Thinking – to life. To facilitate the healthy, productive and well-planned management of the ʔaq̓am, the CAO will lead, develop and implement operations and performance plans that align with the strategy.

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