Blueberry River Restoration Society – Chief Executive Officer

Blueberry River Restoration Society (BRRS) is a new not-for-profit society created in 2023 to serve Blueberry River First Nations in fulfilling its vision—to heal the land and heal the people—by establishing world class land and cultural restoration initiatives that allow the Blueberry River First Nations (Blueberry) to exercise treaty rights, revitalize cultural practices and return to a more traditional way of life.

Reporting to the Board of Directors, the inaugural CEO will lead with values that align with Blueberry culture. They will work closely with the Board of Directors to develop a strategic and operational plan to stand up the organization; create strong governance and stewardship to ensure all organization efforts are geared toward extraordinary value for dollars by delivering cost-effective projects that meet the vision of resource stewardship; and ensure all organizational efforts are geared toward ensuring the BRRS vision of resource stewardship becomes a reality.

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