Day Scholars Revitalization Society – Executive Director

ID: 23-P045

Location: Working in a hybrid setting, the new Executive Director will establish a small office on an Indian Reserve in a location that is accessible to a major airport. They will be required to travel regularly for work, so will require appropriate documentation to travel regionally and nationally.

The Indian Residential Schools Day Scholars Class Action was brought on behalf of the thousands of Day Scholars (the “Survivors”)—students who attended Indian Residential Schools (“IRS”) during the day only but did not sleep there overnight, and their children (the “Descendants”). The Plaintiffs in the Gottfriedson v. Canada lawsuit claimed that IRS destroyed Class Members’ language and culture, violated their cultural and linguistic rights, and caused psychological harm. As outlined in Article 8.2 of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People, it is Canada’s obligation and duty to provide redress for “any form of forced assimilation or integration” and any actions that deprived Indigenous people of their cultural values or ethnic identities.

Safeguarding and administering the Day Scholars Revitalization Fund will require a steady leader who takes a highly ethical and compassionate approach. In administering and stewarding the Fund to support healing, wellness, education, language, culture, heritage, and commemoration for the benefit of Survivors of Indian Day Schools and their children, the Executive Director (the “ED”) will ensure the Funds are granted in alignment with the Survivor’s vision. Providing overall leadership to stand up and manage the Society in the best interests of the Survivors and their children, the ED will provide leadership to a small staff in establishing the Society’s inaugural strategic plan, business plan, and budget. Actively building trust through regular communications with the Board and communities of interest, the ED will act as the main spokesperson for the organization and ensure Survivors and their families are informed of the processes, protocols, and impacts of the Fund.

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