Edmonton Global – Board Directors

ID# 21-2109 Location: Edmonton, AB

Edmonton Global is governed by an independent Board of Directors. Edmonton Global is seeking up to five Board Directors to be appointed in the spring of 2022.

The Board consists of broad thinkers representing a cross-section of businesses and key industries who promote economic development and growth of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region and oversee the affairs of Edmonton Global.

The Board Directors are responsible for guiding and enabling Edmonton Global to achieve its vision and mission.  In carrying out these responsibilities, the Board endeavours to maintain and seek continuous improvement in high standards of Board governance. Some of the key governance functions of the Board include reviewing and approving Edmonton Global’s strategic plan, annual business plan and report on sustainability; succession planning (CEO); overseeing the affairs of Edmonton Global; and identifying the principal risks of the businesses and ensuring systems have been implemented to manage those risks.

The Board meets quarterly and reports to the stakeholders on a bi-annual basis at an Annual General Meeting.  Special meetings of the Board with respect to initiatives and opportunities along with periodic meetings with stakeholders are typical.  The Board Directors will be appointed for a two-year term with the ability for reappointment.

Edmonton Global currently has two standing Committees which include the Audit and Finance Committee and the Governance and HR Committee.

As a Standing Committee of the Board, the Audit and Finance Committee provides strategic leadership and advice to the Board regarding its financial position, compliance, risk management, external reporting and internal control policies and practices. The committee meets four (4) times in a year.

The Governance and HR Committee provides leadership advice for the governance of the Board, Board priorities and strategic agenda and the monitoring and reporting of the Board’s progress towards its goals, in accordance with the Strategic Plan and Regional Growth Plan. The committee meets four (4) times in a year.

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