‘Namgis Business Development Corporation – Chief Executive Officer

The ‘Namgis Business Development Corporation (NBDC) was incorporated in 2019 to bring together ‘Namgis business entities to be managed under one  umbrella to create administrative efficiencies and a sound governance model. NBDC’s mandate is to maximize the potential of commercial holdings, identify opportunities and develop new businesses for further economic growth and benefits for the ‘Namgis First Nation (NFN) on northern Vancouver Island.

‘Namgis unceded territories encompass the entire Nimpkish and Kokish River Watersheds, along with the waters and several adjacent islands in the vicinity of Johnstone Strait and Queen Charlotte Straits. However, ‘Namgis citizens now live in a more concentrated area around ‘Yalis (Alert Bay, Cormorant Island).

Approximately 573 citizens live in the community, and another 1350 citizens live outside the territories bringing the current ‘Namgis population to about 1923. To enable economic health for the community for now and for future generations, NBDC invests in businesses that align with ‘Namgis`s traditional values and sustainability goals. The following entities provide a diverse array of opportunities and a base of business to grow from.

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