Leaders International – Indigenous Inclusion Policy

« We are respectful of the history of Indigenous Peoples in Canada and globally and we are allies to Indigenous Peoples in our workplace, in our conduct, and in all our business practices »

We are committed to Reconciliation between Indigenous communities and broader society based on mutual respect and understanding.

We are devoted to creating a positive, sustainable connection between Indigenous communities and the business world as we provide respectful, relevant, valuable, and timely professional services.

We are champions of positive social and economic development for Indigenous Peoples across the country.

We believe that we must contribute to the creation of a Corporate Canada that is free from systemic discrimination, structures, and practices.

To achieve this, Leaders International will promote an inclusive culture based on the following guiding principles:

  • We recognize and respect the legal and constitutional rights possessed by Indigenous Peoples in Canada and the importance of the relationship between Indigenous Peoples and their traditional lands and resources;
  • We believe in equal social status between people in order to promote affirmative goodwill and actions that will eliminate social mindset/barriers and will provide equal opportunities for all generations to come;
  • We recognize that mentorship, training, education, and employment are essential for the development of the prosperous autonomy of each community;
  • We support professional development and career growth for Indigenous Peoples by providing equal opportunity for Indigenous Peoples to achieve successful professional careers and progression in the most senior leadership positions within communities, companies, and organizations;
  • We insist on recruiting, training, and promoting Indigenous Peoples amongst Leaders International Employees, Partners, and Shareholders in our commitment to authentically represent the communities we serve and create respectful relationships between our organization and Indigenous communities.

Leaders International will review its Indigenous Policy on an ongoing basis to remain relevant and to adapt to new expectations.

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