Leaders International launches new Diversity & Indigenous Board Practice

Leaders International has launched a new national Diversity and Indigenous Board practice, based in Ottawa. The practice will be led by Brenda LaRose, a Métis Anishinaabe citizen and senior Partner at the firm, who brings over 25 years of Indigenous recruitment experience within the executive search industry.

The objective of our Board practice is to enhance diversity and representation on the boards of Canadian organizations, with an emphasis on underrepresented groups including women, Indigenous persons, racialized persons, persons with a disability, and persons of a minority sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

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Leaders International is proud to be the leading Diversity and Indigenous executive recruitment firm in North America. In 2017, Leaders International merged with Higgins Executive Search, the pioneers and innovators in Indigenous Executive Search.

Our Specialty: Diversity & Indigenous Talent Search

Our Diversity and Indigenous Executive Search practice is established as a leader in North America. Our firm has conducted more successful Indigenous executive search engagements than any other firm. Working across regions, and across sectors, our Diversity and Indigenous Practice Team has delivered on complex recruitment strategies for companies, communities, educational institutions and organizations large and small. We are:

  • Experts and leaders in Diversity and Indigenous Search and pioneering Indigenous Executive Search for more than 20 years.
  • Experienced at finding, assessing and placing the best diverse talent for Boards, Educational Institutes, Companies, Communities and Governments.
  • Uniquely capable of reaching a network of diverse professionals with the most comprehensive diversity-focussed database in the executive search industry.
  • Experienced with supporting Boards to develop their governance structures and recruit experienced and diverse Directors.
  • Able to offer customized services for on-boarding and succession planning.
Since 2008, the firm has been awarded a Gold-Level Progressive Aboriginal Relations Award (PAR). We will leverage this standard by providing advice and best-practices in our recruitment processes focused on diversity, equity and inclusion.

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Brenda LaRose

Ms. LaRose brings twenty-five years of experience leading executive search engagements across a broad range of industries and sectors throughout most regions in Canada as well as internationally.

With a strong knowledge of governance and business, Ms. LaRose brings expertise in working closely with boards and executive teams to assess and identify strategies that will attract and retain the right leaders. Ms. LaRose speaks regularly at national associations and conferences on topics related to… READ MORE

Laurie Sterritt

In 2018, Laurie formed a non-profit association to launch the first-of-its-kind Indigenous Women’s Leadership Summit (IWLS). The mandate of IWLS is to inspire and uplift Indigenous women throughout their personal and professional journeys.

Prior to that, Laurie developed and implemented the Indigenous Employment and Business Development strategy for BC Hydro and led the start-up and growth of the Aboriginal Mentoring and Training Association (AMTA) and its subsidiary social enterprise, First Resources Impact Ventures (FRIV). AMTA provided life-changing… READ MORE

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