Our Research Process

A Transparent Process That Delivers Exactly The Leadership Talent You Need

Our research process is designed to deliver exactly the talent needed, as quickly as possible. Leaders International closely monitors the progress of every search and values a transparent process. As our client, you can expect personal attention during every phase of the research process with a single direct point of contact from start to finish. We will conduct exploratory calls or visit your facilities to thoroughly understand not just the position you want to fill, but also your industry, your business, and your corporate culture, ensuring an effective platform for core concerns and input to be heard, assessed, and used to impact the direction of the proprietary research process to follow in a way that builds trust, accountability, and productive relationships.

Our proven research process includes steps to ensure that we FIND YOU THE RIGHT FIT:

Research Modules

Module I – Identification

Our methodology is based on an understanding of your organization, its culture, and the industry you work in, followed by the subsequent steps:

  1. – After an in-depth analysis of your request and of the position you need to fill, we develop a research plan and a detailed timeline for the research that will be shared with you and used to establish key milestones and the parameters of the research.
  2. – The key insights from our team’s work will then be summarized and distributed in a customized Leaders Report ® which contains unique, real-time, and invaluable information about the present market conditions.
  3. – We will present the findings in your Leaders Report ® along with the list of potential applicants, and together identify the candidates that are qualified to continue to the next stage–the Selection module.

Module II – Selection

At Leaders International, we firmly believe that the personal values of the applicants we present must be compatible with the values and ethical standards of your organization.

During the screening process, we review each potential candidate with the utmost discretion. We perform an in-depth evaluation using recognized tests that provide us with information about each applicant’s leadership style as well as their competencies, talent, potential, key accomplishments, areas to develop, motivation, and overall capacity to hold the position in question.

We then guide you throughout the interview and negotiation process. Once we have checked and verified the professional and academic references of each candidate, and completed a criminal background check, it is up to you to make the final decision.

Once a preferred candidate is selected, Leaders International will help facilitate offer negotiations with the chosen candidate on your behalf. We have extensive experience finalizing offers with candidates in some very complex situations.

Module III – Integration

Studies show that nearly 40% of newly-appointed employees do not keep their new position for more than 18 months.

This integration phase – after the employee has accepted the position and signed up for it – is crucial to both executive performance and corporate success. However, many consultants are no longer involved after a candidate has successfully secured the position. With the understanding that most failures in executive recruitment are attributable to the integration process, this is another area in which Leaders International differs significantly from our competitors.

By building thorough integration plans that include discussions, regular feedback, and customized tests, we ensure that the new addition to your management team can absorb and familiarize themselves with the underlying culture of your organization, understands what type of behaviour is expected of him/her, and has a clear outline of the skills they are expected to develop to fulfil their mandate. This comprehensive approach to post-selection follow-through increases retention and helps both the executive and the organization by ensuring a successful integration process.

Leaders International are so confident in our approach that we offer a quality and performance guarantee during the selected candidate’s first year of activity.

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