The Leaders Report® – Transparency and Collaboration in Executive Search

Leaders International Executive Search is proud to offer the Leaders Report® to our clients, setting a new level of transparency and collaboration in executive search.

To meet this fundamental need for human capital and competitive intelligence, Leaders International offers the Leaders Report® – a distinctive, highly structured, and in-depth research approach that represents a complete paradigm shift in the executive search industry.

Invaluable Market Intelligence on Human Capital

Within a few weeks of intensive research, the Leaders Report® will present you with invaluable market intelligence on human capital for confidential requirements, for instance:

  • You are in the midst of a critical CEO succession planning process.
  • You are looking for a unique or specialized talent to manage a strategic area of your business.
  • You need to benchmark your internal talent against the market.
  • You want to know who is behind your competitors’ best innovations.
  • You need insights on your competitors’ structures and their best leaders.

The New Standard in Executive Recruiting

The Leaders Report® is an exclusive tool that is customized to meet each client’s needs. It contains exclusive, comprehensive, current, relevant, and validated data specifically designed to give your business a true competitive edge.

Our clients value the Leaders Report® as a turning point in their quest for the best talent. That is why Leaders International’s procedure is now the new standard in executive recruiting – whatever the scope of the assignment.

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