Market leading executive search firms merging as a national firm

Market leading executive search firms merging as a national firm, to go to market as Leaders International

Allan Nelson, Partner of Davies Park Executive Search and Richard Joly, Partner of Leaders International, announced this week that the two companies will be merging their operations and offices across Canada, and will begin an ambitious transition on May 23, 2018. The newly- merged firm will operate nationally as Leaders International and will immediately become one of the largest executive search firms in Canada, with a very strong footprint in all major Canadian markets.

Both Davies Park and Leaders International have enjoyed considerable success in their respective markets, and this new development will now enable the merged firm to scale its delivery platform nationally. This will offer their clientele access to greater coverage across Canada, a combined database of hundreds of thousands of organizational leaders from around the globe, global leadership in Aboriginal recruitment, bilingual capabilities, and the Leaders Report Methodology – the new standard in search transparency.

The merger formalizes a relationship that has been developing for a number of years, as both firms are members of Penrhyn International, a leading global network of executive search firms, and have collaborated in Canada on multiple projects. Approximately 3 years ago, Davies Park began deploying the Leaders Report Methodology, which had been developed and brought to market by Leaders, and has created a paradigm shift in the way executive recruitment, board-level positions and leadership succession assignments are conducted.

“While the Davies Park name may be changing, our entire team remains, and is committed to our founding principles of collaboration and being client-centric,” says Nelson. “The Leaders International team shares these principles, and as such, this is a natural evolution for both firms; it is not a sale or takeover, but a union of equals.”

The new consolidated organization, Leaders International, will launch the amalgamation on May 21st , 2018 from offices in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver.


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